1. OCR Online will run different algorithms to extract text from images. PNG/JPG/TIFF images can be uploaded to extract text . A file will be generated in the txt format which can be download by clicking on the download link
  2. Best image to text convertor online. Accurate image to text convertor online
  3. Best OCR online. A combination of tesseract ocr and google ocr
  4. Accurately extract word from images. Vert effective for low resolution images
  5. An effective anwer to query "image to text google"
  6. Image to text convertor software online. Code to extract text from images
  7. OCR process will auto detect language in the image


  • How to extract text from image?
  1. OCR is the technique used to extract text from image
  2. Our software can be used online to extract text
  3. Upload image in the UI panel
  4. Wait for the background process to complete
  5. Click on the download link for the text retreived from image

  • How to convert jpg to text?

  1. Our OCR Technique can be used to convert jpg to text
  2. Our OCR software is available online
  3. Upload jpeg images in the UI panel to extract text

  • How to extract text from images online?

  1. Our software is available online
  2. There is no need for any offline process
  3. There is no need to download any software

  • How to accurately convert image to text?

  1. Our OCR process is highly efficient to extract text from image
  2. Our process is specially designed to work effectively against low resolution images

  • Are my files secured?

  1. 100% secured
  2. All the files i.e. original and text files are deleted in few hours
  3. Do not share the link of text file with anyone

  • How to convert image to text microsoft word?

  1. OCR can be used to convert image to word
  2. Output of image can be formatted in different formats like Microsoft word or Mirosoft Excel or PDF
  3. Contact US for any specific requirement related to output forma

  • What is OCR Process?

  1. The objective of this section is to provide detailed information/education on the OCR process
  2. The process will scan the image to identify different edges of the image
  3. After the detection of edges the masks of images are compared against the existing dictionary of words
  4. The matching algorithm will provide a value of matching
  • The following languages are supported by our online OCR process

  1. Afrikaans or Afrikaans OCR
  2. shqip or Albanian OCR
  3. العربية or Arabic OCR
  4. Հայ or Armenian OCR
  5. беларускі or Belorussian OCR
  6. বাংলা or Bengali OCR
  7. български or Bulgarian OCR
  8. Català or Catalan OCR
  9. 普通话 or Chinese OCR
  10. Hrvatski or Croatian OCR
  11. Čeština or Czech OCR
  12. Dansk or Danish OCR
  13. Nederlands or Dutch OCR
  14. English or English OCR
  15. Eesti keel or Estonian OCR
  16. Filipino or Filipino OCR
  17. Suomi or Finnish OCR
  18. Français or French OCR
  19. Deutsch or German OCR
  20. Ελληνικά or Greek OCR
  21. ગુજરાતી or Gujarati OCR
  22. עברית or Hebrew OCR
  23. हिन्दी or Hindi OCR
  24. Magyar or Hungarian OCR
  25. Íslenska or Icelandic OCR
  26. Bahasa Indonesia or Indonesian OCR
  27. Italiano or Italian OCR
  28. 日本語 or Japanese OCR
  29. ಕನ್ನಡ or Kannada OCR
  30. ភាសាខ្មែរ or Khmer OCR
  31. 한국어 or Korean OCR
  32. ລາວ or Lao OCR
  33. Latviešu or Latvian OCR
  34. Lietuvių or Lithuanian OCR
  35. Македонски or Macedonian OCR
  36. Bahasa Melayu or Malay OCR
  37. മലയാളം or Malayalam OCR
  38. मराठी or Marathi OCR
  39. नेपाली or Nepali OCR
  40. Norsk or Norwegian OCR
  41. فارسی or Persian OCR
  42. Polski or Polish OCR
  43. Português or Portuguese OCR
  44. ਪੰਜਾਬੀ or Punjabi OCR
  45. Română or Romanian OCR
  46. Русский or Russian OCR
  47. Русский (старая орфография) or Russian OCR
  48. Српски or Serbian OCR
  49. Српски (латиница) or Serbian OCR
  50. Slovenčina or Slovak OCR
  51. Slovenščina or Slovenian OCR
  52. Español or Spanish OCR
  53. Svenska or Swedish OCR
  54. தமிழ் or Tamil OCR
  55. తెలుగు or Telugu OCR
  56. ไทย or Thai OCR
  57. Türkçe or Turkish OCR
  58. Українська or Ukrainian OCR
  59. Tiếng Việt or Vietnamese OCR
  60. Yiddish or Yiddish OCR

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